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Most healthcare organizations are responsible for the security of patient information; financial information and HIPAA sensitive patient information are both at risk.

The potential release of personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive personal information (SPI) from a cyber-attack, insider criminal activity, technological malfunctions or an employee mistake is a serious concern.

Liability for loss of customer or employee data is typically not covered under a corporate insurance policy.  Some business insurance policies offering General Liability and Directors & Officers Liability coverage may provide a measure of data security and cyber liability coverage; however, there can be significant gaps.

A Cyber Liability policy provides the protection and support needed by Insureds managing the collection, storage, and transmission of data in their business operations.

HPSI can help you address your client’s Cyber Liability Insurance needs with minimum premiums as low as $600!

Privacy/Security Liability

Damages and claims expenses are arising from breaches including by rogue employees, for unauthorized disclosure of personally
identifiable non-public information or third party corporate information in an Insured’s or third party’s care, custody, or control.

A failure of the Insured’s computer security to prevent the destruction, deletion, or damage to data stored, and includes the transmission of malicious code, denial of service attacks; and failure to timely disclose a security breach of their system in violation of any breach notice law.

Regulatory Proceeding Defense and Penalties

Pays claims expenses and penalties from regulatory proceeding resulting from a violation of privacy laws that occurred from an incident described in the Privacy/Security Liability section above.


Privacy Breach Response Services

Costs associated with attorney services, provided at no retention; forensic computer expert investigations; public relations services or crisis management. Costs for required or voluntary notification; call center; and credit/identity monitoring services provided for a specified number of records determined at the time of quoting.

Website Media Content

“Pay on behalf of” language for damages and claims expenses that an Insured becomes legally liable for the following:

Personal injury

Copyright and trademark infringement as a result of website media content displayed on all websites owned and operated by an Insured. Website media content created by an Insured for display on websites of others, including social media.

PCI Fines and Costs

The Insured will be reimbursed for PCI fines and costs that they become legally obligated to pay because of actual or alleged noncompliance with PCI Data Security Standards.

Network Extortion Threats

The Insured will be reimbursed for network extortion payments paid to prevent or stop a credible threat to cause an attack on their computer system.

Data Asset Recovery Expenses

The Insured will be reimbursed for costs incurred to replace, restore or recreate electronic data assets from written records, back-ups, or originals because of a computer system attack.

Business Interruption Loss

The Insured will be reimbursed for the reduction in business income that occurred when their computer system was being restored so they can resume normal business activities.

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