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HPSI works directly with leading insurance companies to find and create specialized programs and tailored coverage options, passing those advantages and products to our agents.  We excel at finding unique approaches to solving sometimes tricky and complicated professional liability insurance needs.  More than 1,000 agents and brokers have come to trust and benefit from our services at HPSI; along with HPSI’s ability to access several markets, our “One Stop Shop” approach and our team’s personalized focus, our service is unparalleled in the industry.

HPSI built its reputation upon prompt, professional service, and we are committed to providing the necessary staff and services to offer our retail partners with the quality that sets us apart.  The professionals at HPSI have over 100 years of combined experience in medical professional liability insurance and with our diverse book of business; you can ensure your client’s coverage is in safe hands.




The professionals at HPSI have over 100 years of combined experience dedicated to medical professional liability insurance. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the market and our ability to get your physicians the coverage options they need, continually working with carriers to ensure the availability of new products and better coverage plans at competitive rates.


Our extensive portfolio of direct markets allows us to provide our agents with one-stop shopping and unparalleled service. Our strong relationship with our carriers is a direct result of years of hard work and trust, established by our team of professionals. With us, you have access to the best in the A-Rated carriers in the business.


HPSI is primarily known for our ability to help our agents find coverage for health care risks that are difficult to place. We serve many health care providers and facilities which have been canceled, non-renewed or have otherwise had trouble finding insurance coverage. Whether an individual physician, group practice, clinic, or medically related facility, HPSI will find the coverage your client needs.


We are constantly working with our Markets to offer new coverages. 
Here is a just a sample of what we offer:

  •    Physicians and Surgeons, Allied Health Care Professionals, and Other Miscellaneous Health Care Practitioners
  •    Surgery and Imaging Centers
  •    Medical Clinics and Medical Staffing
  •    Adult Care Facilities
  •    Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers, Laboratories, and Pharmacies
  •    Medical Schools, Hospitals, Ambulance Services
  •    Data Security & Cyber Liability
  •    Standalone Tails
  •    Directors & Officers (D&O) Property and General Liability Insurance 
  •    Ability to Finance Tail Policies from the Incumbent or Standalone Tail Carrier


The past few decades have gone faster than I could ever imagine. As I reflect upon these years, I realize in amazement how HPSI has evolved as a premier broker in the field of Professional Medical Malpractice Insurance Providers from a humble beginning. From a malpractice underwriter for the Nashville office of HCA in 1986, I realized that there was an under-served market of special needs clients in search of cost-effective malpractice protection. I headed off on my own, deciding to become a liability insurance broker in 1987 and opened my first office in Dallas, TX. Without adequate markets and capital, the firm failed, but after a few years of hard work and other successful enterprises, I earned enough commissions to set roots down in Atlanta, GA finally and establish Healthcare Professional Services in 1990.


In the depth of the 1990-1991 recession, business started and went there for a while. Starting a business and succeeding was indeed a long shot! With a direct contract with Shand Morahan/Evanston Insurance and with Fred Seilkop joining the team in 1991, we built our direct contracts and agreements and gained enough prominence to enable HPSI to grow faster and evolve into the leader we are today.


Our rich corporate culture fosters high caliber employees and industry specialists who are committed every day towards the objective I set out to accomplish many years ago. Our ultimate goal is to provide insurance solutions to our retail agency partners and become the dominant player in the special needs non-standard market for healthcare providers. HPSI has been truly blessed, and I want to recognize and thank the companies that have allowed us the opportunity to partner with them over the last 2 ½ decades. We aim to continue providing the same excellent service you expect for years to come.

Professional Services You Can Trust

One-stop shop broker for professional liability and related coverages for your healthcare customers and prospects. The professionals at HPSI have over 100 years of combined experience in medical professional liability insurance and with our diverse book of business; you can ensure your client’s coverage is in safe hands.

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