Medical Malpractice Market Specialist

Established in 1990, HPSI is an intermediary and wholesaler specializing in professional liability insurance and general liability insurance for all aspects of the health care industry. We are recognized as one of the most successful brokers in the nation devoted specifically to our niche of the insurance market. Here at HPSI, we provide an extensive portfolio of professional liability insurance markets, products and services for the health care industry customers of our producing agents.

HPSI’s reputation has been built upon prompt, professional service, and we are committed to providing the necessary staff and services to provide our retail partners with the quality that sets us apart.


Recent Updates

medical malpractice

Areas we provide personal liability coverage

It goes without saying that one of our major areas of professional liability coverage is related to surgeons and physicians. Both are on the front line with nurses of all types and have the largest exposure to risk. Protecting yourself with medical malpractice coverage that goes beyond your company’s coverage can greatly reduce your personal exposure to this risk.

More and more procedures are being done outpatient due to improvements in technology. Surgery Centers, Imaging Centers and Medical Clinics all have one thing in common in that they are driven by patient demand, and either run by individuals or groups of healthcare providers. Clinics and centers sometimes need as much coverage as a hospital due to volume or level of procedures provided.

The Adult care market and home healthcare worker is another area of professionals that have risk exposure. The market is continually changing since the advent of technology and access to better healthcare. The need for telemedicine services, home health care and adult care facilities has risen exponentially.

We do not just specialize in physician professional liability, we work on a surprising amount of other risks – treatment & rehab centers, clinical trial coverage, social service agencies, and much more.