Flood: Most Costly Disaster in the United States

Get your Flood Insurance through HPSI
Let HPSI get your risk protected!
At HPSI, we can place your Flood Hazard exposures up to $20 Million in limits with markets that are an alternative to the NFIP. Replacement Cost coverage is available and Business Interruption/Loss of Use can be written for qualified risks. Coverage can be primary and/or excess, with agreed amount coverage on sub-limits. For risks at or below $2,500,000 in values, we can offer fast turnaround time.  We offer competitive pricing, as our markets can be as much as 10 -20% lower than the NFIP.


  • $10 Million Capacity Available
  • Minimum distance to the water is .25 miles
  • A, X, B & C Zones are eligible
  • ‘A’ Rated Carrier
  • Replacement Cost Coverage Available
  • Business Interruption Coverage Available
  • Commercial Buildings, Apartments, Condos & HOA’s eligible
  • NFIP/FEMA Compliant Policy Form
  • Can consider risks up to -2 foot (From BFE)
  • Not a market for barrier Island risks or COBRA business


  • $10 Million Capacity Available
  • Excess over NFIP and Select Other Carriers
  • Replacement Cost Available
  • Business Income Available with Proper Deductible
  • Not a market of barrier island or risks with prior Flood losses
  • Elevation Certificates are encouraged

Both the Primary & Excess Flood Programs are available in CA, FL, GA, NC & SC.

We also have a market for Select “V’ Zone risks in CA, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, NJ, & NY.

Contact John Malejko to learn more about these products. jmalejko@hpsi-ins.com

EXCESS is the name of the Game

Stand-Alone & GL - HPSI's Access to Hartford

Excess Limits for Medical Professionals

We have a Market for unsupported medical professional excess!

Excess coverage can be placed for your practitioners who simply want to purchase higher limits or for those contractually required to carry a higher limit than their current Carrier will provide. Aside from the professional alone, excess for their entities & corporations will also be considered!

Coverage can be bound for as low as $2,500!

What’s the Target?

✔Solo, Non-standard physicians and surgeons or other medical practitioners with:

Gaps in coverage, Poor Claims history, Board or Licensing issues, or Substance abuse issues

✔ Providers sharing in the same underlying limits

What are the Submission Requirements?

  • Application & CV
  • Loss Runs, Dec page copy (if excess is carried)
  • Underlying Carrier’s Quote

Have a client who can benefit? Contact your HPSI Producer today. Give us a call at 678-935-5040.

HPSI Trend Alert!

Excess for Medical Facilities

Excess Limits for Medical Facilities.

At HPSI we have had some success in Excess Policies with our Carriers. With this rise in Policies our Carriers have become very competitive in their pricing!  

Need to know more? Interesting in writing this business? Pick up the phone or shoot us an e-mail! Contact one of our trusted Producers at HPSI Today!

E&O Coverage for Consultants

E&O for Consultants

More and more companies have been requiring consultants who work as independent contractors to carry their own liability insurance when working on a project with them.

We ask : How Real is the Risk?


Your client’s risk isn’t based on the likelihood of them losing a lawsuit but rather that of a suit being brought against them.  This coverage protects the Named Insured in the event their client claims they suffered a financial loss or interruption of services, or that the insured failed in their “duty of care.”

What falls under this type of coverage?? – Verification mistakes, ill advisement, documentation errors or data entry errors, failing to protect a clients’ property or data, breach of contract, misuse of data, violation of legal or state laws, etc.

Simply having a GL Policy or Professional Liability
Policy will not always cover these types of losses in consulting work.

The risks are largely dependent on specialty & business sector. For some professionals it’s easy to look at these examples and downplay the risk. However, even if the claim is meritless, coverage in place will ensure your client incurs no out of pocket costs in defending their business. Simply having E&O tells their clients that your Insured is dedicated, responsible, and assures them that they are financially protected if the Insured’s business causes them a loss.

HPSI has access to Carriers that can provide coverage for Bodily Injury (BI) or any financial loss related liability.

Premium for this Coverage begin at $950

What can be covered?

Medical Directors, Locum Tenens,
Lawyers, Architects
Real Estate, Management
Consultants, IT Technology Consulting
& More!

Simple Submission Requirements:

E&O Application,
Narrative on the Consulting Duties or CV
Copy of Contract (if available)

New Facilities Market

New Facilities Market

We have just been appointed by a new market for General Liability and Property Package policies with an A+15 Carrier! Written on non-admitted paper, the facility is tailor-made for Doctors’, Dentists’ and other Medical Offices. It has an added bonus of being competitive on other classes of “main street” risks in the small business segment.


  • AM Best’s rated A+15 carrier.
  • Over 300 eligible classifications.
  • Coverage includes a Property Enhancement form.
  • Up to $3 Million TIV capacity.
  • Coverage available on a Wind & X-Wind Basis.
  • Property coverage is available within 2 miles of the coast.
  • Low minimum premiums.
  • Coverage is on a non-admitted basis.
  • GL Limits of $1M/$2M/$2M.
Examples of other risks that are eligible for this product:
  • Lessor’s Risk only exposures – Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Apartments – Maximum 24 units & Condominium Associations
  • Supermarkets & Retail Stores – Including food & drink
  • Churches
  • Laundromats
  • Liquor Stores
  • Distributors – Light Hazard Products
48 hour turnaround time on most submissions. States eligible for this product are: CA, AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, CT, CO, TX, NC, SC, VA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, NV, OR, OK, & WA.
Pick up the phone or shoot us an e-mail! Contact John Malejko at HPSI Today. What can we help you write? 

Spring has arrived at HPSI!

 We are constantly in spring cleaning mode at HPSI, asking the questions – what sells, what doesn’t? We analyze what has changed in the market place and in legal climates and how that affects our customers. At HPSI we strive to keep on top of evolving  trends, weeding out the non-essentials, and stepping up to find the products that your client needs now.

In-line with that thought, we would like to highlight a much needed, but often overlooked class of business – Small Business Owners Policy or better known as “BOP” Policies

Our latest product highlight comes through Hartford, just one of the many markets we have available to us at HPSI

Hartford combines business property and business liability coverages into one convenient policy. With over 200 years of experience and 30 years specializing in healthcare, suffice to say, they know what they are doing!

This includes:

Business Income Coverage

Data Breach Coverage

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Who is eligible?

“Small” Business (Less than $6 Million in payrolls and $15 Million in sales revenues)

Outpatient Healthcare

Medical Spas, Kidney Dialysis Centers

Offices & Clinics of:  Dentists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Optometrists & Podiatrists, etc.


Not sure your client needs it? Think again! According to Hartford, sixteen percent of employment practice liability claims are from healthcare organizations!

Need customized coverage? They can do that too. Business Auto, Worker’s Compensation – all the proper tools to support and protect the business Your Insured has carefully built.

We are here for you. Contact John Malejko today!

Exclusive Wholesaler Access

Bummed about your bracket? Well, here is a pick- me-up…  

HPSI has Exclusive Wholesaler Access to PCA & PIPE – two Pennsylvania companies known for their proactive and aggressive approach to malpractice insurance.  Their aim is to keep rates down, protect physicians and discourage future lawsuits. Sure, everyone may say that they fight claims, but these guys really do! With a motto of “Fighting Back is Good Business” and the stats to prove it, we know they will do well for your Pennsylvania clients.

 ✔ Admitted Carrier
Admitted Products – standard policy form, prior acts, occurrence coverage, etc.
$500,000/$1,500,000 Limits
Well versed in MCARE regulations
“A” Rated Reinsurance


Eligible Providers
  • All Board Certified Physicians & Surgeons
  • Allied Healthcare Providers
  • Medical Directorship Coverage Included

New Markets for Stand Alone Tails

Stand-Alone Tail Policies
Stand-Alone Tail Policies
For Individuals or Large Institutions.

With increasingly mobile careers, physicians and groups need an affordable tail policy to cover past exposure.   Stand Alone Tail Coverages are not as painful as you may think, and can be cheaper than the ERP pricing your Insured can get from their existing carrier.  Let HPSI market your account!  We now have a Carrier in the “A” Rated market that will allow financing of the tail for up to 6 months. Stand Alone Tails may be just the way to go. Gone are the days of traditional tail pricing and limited options. HPSI has the “A” Rated Carriers to offer this product and the experience to get the terms and pricing your client needs.


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Tail Options for Individual Physicians, Groups, Allieds and Large Institutions
  • 6 Month Financing
  • 48 Hour Turn-Around Time on Simple Risks
  • Available in 47 States Including DC 
Getting a Quote or Indication – What We Need From You:
  • Full Policy, Current Tail Offer
  • Current Loss Runs & Terms
  • Limits Requested
Did you know? HPSI can market your non-medical related E&O Stand Alone Tails!

New at HPSI – Casualty & Property

We are Expanding into Casualty & Property!


HPSI is Expanding their Lines

 HPSI is officially announcing the expansion of our facilities to include casualty and property brokerage for all types of risks! This includes both medical & non-medical.


John Malejko, a long time veteran of the surplus lines industry, has joined our team of experienced insurance professionals, and boy are we lucky to have him!  

John has spent most of his insurance career as both an underwriting manager for several insurance companies, as well as a successful surplus lines broker. He brings an enormous amount of expertise to the table, and has a knack for crafting creative solutions for complex problems that are often experienced by even the best of risks.


In addition to the Healthcare related business that we have always placed, our Casualty Markets also include the following types of accounts:

Doctors’ Offices
Medical Facilities
Retail Stores
Shopping Centers
Apartments, Condominiums and Dwellings
Commercial/Apartment/industrial/Infrastructure General Contractors
Artisan Contractors, both residential & commercial
Product Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers and Repackaging risks