New at HPSI – Casualty & Property

We are Expanding into Casualty & Property!


HPSI is Expanding their Lines

 HPSI is officially announcing the expansion of our facilities to include casualty and property brokerage for all types of risks! This includes both medical & non-medical.


John Malejko, a long time veteran of the surplus lines industry, has joined our team of experienced insurance professionals, and boy are we lucky to have him!  

John has spent most of his insurance career as both an underwriting manager for several insurance companies, as well as a successful surplus lines broker. He brings an enormous amount of expertise to the table, and has a knack for crafting creative solutions for complex problems that are often experienced by even the best of risks.


In addition to the Healthcare related business that we have always placed, our Casualty Markets also include the following types of accounts:

Doctors’ Offices
Medical Facilities
Retail Stores
Shopping Centers
Apartments, Condominiums and Dwellings
Commercial/Apartment/industrial/Infrastructure General Contractors
Artisan Contractors, both residential & commercial
Product Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers and Repackaging risks

HPSI Access to Centurion in California

Centurion Medical Liability Protective Risk Retention Group is expanding to California…& HPSI is the wholesale broker to gain access to it in the Golden State!


According to recent reports, California is one of the top 6 states in the US that has the highest medical malpractice payouts, even with the establishment of MICRA. Centurion is stepping up to the plate to offer their competitive rates, great policy features and a company claims philosophy that is physician friendly!

Physician owned and operated, Centurion was founded on two key principles – to develop a quality product that is affordable and above all else to aggressively defend its physician insureds.

Competitive Rates  

“A” Rated Reinsurance from A.M. Best

Aggressive Litigation

Great Coverage Options


Policy Coverage Features:

  • Claims Made coverage for both Physicians & Allieds
  • Up to $1M/$3M policy limits for California healthcare providers
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • 12 + years of successful operating history
  • Part-Time & Slot Policies
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Stand Alone Tail Coverage
  • Death, Disability, and Retirement Benefits
  • New Doctor & Claims-Free Discounts
  • Medical Board Defense Coverage – up to $25,000
  • Regulatory Proceeding Coverage – up to $25,000
  • Cyber Liability Coverage – up to $25,000

Contact the HPSI Team today to secure a quote for your Insureds in California.

HPSI Announcing Exclusive Wholesaler Access to PCA in Michigan

Committed to offering high quality insurance at the lowest reasonable cost, Professional Casualty Association (PCA) is now expanding to offer their products in the Great Lakes State of Michigan.

The same great service they have been providing in Pennsylvania for almost 15 years is now available through us at HPSI as their exclusive wholesaler.

Known for their competitive pricing, physician friendly claims philosophy, and armed with a few key staff members experienced in the Michigan Market, they are geared up to bring their brand of service to the Michigan health care community.

PCA highlights include:

  • • Coverage for physicians all specialties and allieds including midwives and CRNAs
  • • Claims-made limits of $100,000/$300,000  –  $200,000/$600,000  –  $500,000/$1,000,000
  • • Broad Coverage form – Defense Outside & Incident Sensitive
  • • DD&R
  • • Physician’s full Consent to Settle
  • • ERP & Tail Options
  • • Specialized Risk Management and Claims Management Services
  • • White Glove Service
  • • Retroactive coverage & stand alone tail negotiable

Help Your Clients Stay Up To Date With Remote Healthcare Services

Telemedicine: The New Form of Check Up

Telemedicine is expanding. With the hospital industry embracing telehealth technologies, it has vastly outgrown its initial startup as a way for remote area patients to obtain access to the various benefits of big-city healthcare. According to USNews, over 20 states are now mandating reimbursement for telehealth services. Overall volume has increased along with the type of services offered via telemedicine. It has the potential to not only decrease spending but increase revenues, increasing its attractiveness to all types of healthcare providers.

However, this rapidly expanding sector comes with its own risks alongside those rewards. Its reliance on real-time data can consequently create a double-edged sword effect. While it increases the provider’s effectiveness, it also generates further professional liabilities when patient results deviate from the norm; i.e. in situations where something unplanned happens in regards to the patient, or when the medical provider fails to notice a change in patient results. Full disclosure and informed consent are key to mitigating these circumstances.

Critical questions the provider needs to be aware of according to our Carriers:

  1. If a liability claim arises, in which state will they defend themselves?
  2. Is the service HIPAA compliant?
  3. Is the provider licensed in the state the patient is in?
  4. How can they verify treatment recommendations?

These are just a few factors to be aware of when seeking coverage for this risk.

Have any questions? Do you know of a client who needs this coverage? With our expertise, here at HPSI, we can help your client get the coverage they need.

Contact your agent at HPSI today!

Put Your Clients’ Minds At Ease, Help Protect Their Tails

Stand-Alone Tail Policies
Unlimited Stand-Alone Tail Policies  For Individuals or Large Institutions
With increasingly mobile careers, physicians and groups need an affordable tail policy to cover past exposure. Let HPSI Market your account. With access to NORCAL Mutual’s Surplus Lines Carrier (PMSLIC) and other advantageous “A” Rated Carriers, your clients can relax knowing their past services are well protected.
  • • Competitive Pricing
  • • Unlimited Tail Options for Individual Physicians, Groups, Allieds and Large Institutions
  • • 48 Hour Turn-Around Time on Simple Risks
  • • Available in 47 States Including DC
Getting a Quote or Indication – What We Need From You:
  • • Dec Page, Current Loss Runs, Key Endorsements, No COIs
  • • The Current Tail Offer
  • • Limits Requested
Did you know? HPSI can market your non-medical related E&O Stand Alone Tails!
Contact one of our agents today at HPSI for more details.

Latest News on Marketplace Changes – Roles of NPs and PAs Continue to Grow

In recent years, health care has seen the role of ancillary/allied medical professionals continue to grow and expand. Along with these increased responsibilities in care, there has been an equal rise in risk exposure. With this change in business operations, more and more of these professionals are in need of medical malpractice insurance coverage. AANP, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, has tracked the legislation by state in regards to a NP’s practice (click their map below).
It seems AANP is not the only one to notice the growth in this sector. USA Today did an interesting analysis using data from AANP and other trade organizations. Here are a few excerpts below:
“Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are a fast growing part of the medical marketplace. Medicare billing records show 15% more Nurse Practitioners and 11% more Physician Assistants received payments in 2013 than in 2012 for all types of care. During that same year, the number of General Practice physicians paid by Medicare for the elderly and disabled dropped by 5%. Experts say this reflects the rising influence of non-physician caregivers in a changing health care system beset by doctor shortages and now taxed even more by a growing number of patients gaining insurance through [the Affordable Care Act].  It also shines light on the high-level of care that NPs and PAs have been providing for many years. Until now, that’s been largely under the radar, but is revealed with the release of government payments to health care providers, which clearly show these caregivers are a growing force in medicine.” 
“Nearly 900 PAs were paid for heart artery bypasses and another 950 for spinal fusion procedures, as ‘first assistants’ to physicians in these operations. NPs increasingly provide psychotherapy for Medicare patients and their families. More than 1,000 Nurse Practitioners billed for a total of nearly 200,000 psychotherapy visits in 2013.” 
“Overall, Medicare payments in 2013 totaled $1.5 billion for nearly 65,000 Nurse Practitioners and $1 billion for about 50,000 Physician Assistants…. The main driver of these trends is the rapid growth in the sheer numbers of non-physicians in health care. The ranks of NPs grew from 60,000 in 1999 to 171,000 in 2013; and the ranks of PAs grew from 83,466 in 2010 to 101,977 in 2015 according to their respective trade organizations.” 
Read the full article on
HPSI has various markets available for NPs and PAs that can provide Claims Made and Occurrence coverage options as well as Individual and Group policy forms.  

Preferred Or Not-So Preferred, HPSI Has A Coverage Solution With The James River Elite Provider Form

There are plenty of reasons why physicians and providers find their way to the E&S Specialty market. Some physicians happen to engage in high-risk practices, though not all can be categorized as troubled accounts. While they may in fact be standard market risks, for one reason or another, those Insureds are unable to obtain coverage in the standard market.

For these more preferred accounts, the James River Elite Provider™ product is a broadened policy form.

Eligible Providers

  • • Board Certified Medical Doctors
  • • Dentists including Orthodontists, Periodontics and Oral Surgeons
  • • Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (Board Certified for surgical specialists)

Coverage Features

  • • $1 million per claim / $3 million aggregate (or applicable cap limits in VA)
  • • Claims & Defense Expenses outside of policy limits – included
  • • Incident-sensitive claims-made trigger – included
  • • Damages-only deductible – included
  • • Consent-To-Settle (with Hammer Clause) – included
  • • Prior Acts – available
  • • Entity Coverage (shared limits) – available
  • • Employee Coverage (shared limits) – available
  • • Extended Reporting Endorsement available for up to 36 months
  • • Standard Deductible of $2,500 provided; lower or $0 Deductible options available on some risks
Preferred or not-so Preferred, HPSI and James River have a coverage solution! What can we help you write today? 
Contact us directly to be provided with the new James River Elite Provider™ application.