Attorney Protective

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  • Underwritten by National Liability & Fire Insurance, a Berkshire Hathaway insurance company
  • M. Best Rating of A++ (the highest rating available through A.M. Best)


  • Supplementary payments up to $500 / day and $50,000/aggregate for your attendance at a trial, hearing or arbitration at our request.
  • $5,000 of defense costs and fees paid in every covered claim before the deductible applies.
  • Four ways to reduce the amount you pay on your deductible by 50%
  • Coverage for defense of disciplinary proceedings of up to $25,000 / proceedings and $100,000/aggregate.
  • One of the broadest policy forms available


  • A quarterly newsletter focused on the issues that lawyers are facing today
  • Free webinars featuring relevant legal and risk management topics in a convenience format
  • Online tools – including our exclusive Best Practice Database
  • Risk management Hotline to discuss the risks before claims arise.

Questions to Ask When Shopping for Legal Liability Insurance

What is the financial rating of the insurance carrier?

You can look to independent rating companies such as A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s to determine the financial strength of any carrier.

What legal services is covered by the policy?

Confirm that all the types of legal services rendered by your lawyers will be covered under the policy including, for example, services provided as a notary public, arbitrator or mediator, title insurance agent, etc.

Who is covered under the policy?

Check the definition of “you,” “your,” or “insured” to confirm that all of those doing work on behalf of an attorney or the firm are covered, including past and present partners, “of counsel” and non-lawyer employees.

What other coverage does the policy provide in addition to the basic legal services coverage?

Check to see if the policy provides supplementary payments coverage for lost time associated with a claim. Some policies provide this coverage, and other do not. Also, confirm that the limits provided are sufficient to cover your lost income, and note of the provision provides a separate limit so that the policy limits are not eroded by claims.

When is the deductible owed?

Under most policies, the deducible becomes due when the carrier pays the first dollar on a claim. However, if “first-dollar defense coverage” is included or purchased, then the insurer pays for all or some part of defense costs before any deductible is owed. If the limits of this first-dollar defense coverage are not reached, you don’t pay a deductible. First-dollar defense coverage a save you money, especially on smaller claims that re settled or dismissed before significant defense costs are incurred.

How many and what kind of exclusions limit the policy coverage?

Examine exclusions in the policy to determine how they will limit your coverage. All insurers have some exclusions in their policy but some insurers’ polices have boarder exclusions than others.

Does the carrier offer risk management service and tools that add value to their product?  

Training and education services can be costly to your firm. Determine if your insurance carrier offers these services without charge as that can equate to substantial savings both now and down the road.

defense costs for disciplinary proceeding governed by the policy?

Defending a disciplinary proceeding can be costly. Some insurance policies either provide no coverage for disciplinary proceeding whatsoever, or provide insufficient limits to allow for a vigorous defense. Check to ensure that your policy generously covers disciplinary matters so that attorneys hand the firm are more fully protected.

Is there any provisions that will reduce the deductible amount owed?

Some insurance carriers provide you with ways to reduce deductibles (such as a provision that cuts the deductible in half when the claim is contained within the deductible). This can mean real savings for your law firm in the event of a claim.