Hartford Insurance Company’s BOP & Cyber Bundle

We’ve come with information from out latest Q&A session with Hartford on their BOP product coverage!

A BOP policy, or a Business Owner’s Policy, essentially combines business liability insurance with business property into one convenient package. Many Carriers offer coverage for this class of risk, so we’ve put together a little cheat sheet of what Hartford does differently to compete in today’s fast moving market.

What does a policy with Hartford bring?

  1. Broad Coverage Form

Which translates to a lesser need for Endorsements! How does this work?

This means that ancillaries and extra coverage options that clients always tack on after binding, are already included in Hartford’s broad coverage form – saving you time and your client money down the road! Let’s be honest here, BOP policies are not the heftiest of accounts, so a hassle free policy with great coverage can save more than a few stones.

2. Competitive Pricing for their Broad Coverage

3. Quick turn-around time with their user friendly Online Quoting System

4. New ! Robust Cyber Bundle

Ability to customize the cyber coverage to fit your client’s needs. Need just data breach protection? 1st & 3rd party options? Done! As part of their bundle,  you can get a host of different coverage options.

And don’t forget that you can enhance your BOP policy if you need data breach protection for up to $500K limits on 1st Party coverage, and $1M limits on 3rd Party!

Is your Client not sure what Cyber they need? Hartford Underwriters and our team of Producers are experienced and well versed in procuring the coverage and customizing the policy for your client!

We could go on and on about Hartford’s A-rating, financial stability, and 200+ years of experience, but you’ve heard the spiel before. So let’s stop the talking and start the writing!

Contact our resident BOP guru, John Malejko@ jmalejko@hpsi-ins.com, your preferred producer, or call us at 678-935-5040 for a quote today.

Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk.