Things We’ve Noticed – News on Market Going-ons

Review on What We’ve Noticed in the Market Today.

As the end of summer is nigh and the 7/1 rush has now become the 9/1 rush, we want to take this time to update you on a few things we’ve noticed with certain classes.

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Non-Physician Owned Clinics – This is a growing class of business, only limited by a particular state’s law.  Coverage is available for Allieds and as well as Physicians who supervise via chart review or as medical director in these situations. We have multiple Carriers willing to cover this risk!

Premium can start as low as $1,500 (for limited personnel)

Examples we see: Medspas, Anti-Aging, Weight loss, Urgent Care, Rehab, Physical Therapy, Walk-in, etc.

Available in most states.  Contact us to get a great quote!

Locum Tenens  –  Another class to look out for! Locums Staffing companies for Allieds and Physicians are on the rise. Providers are drawn to the flexibility this type of work offers and the need for staffing services has been steadily increasing within the medical sphere.

Hard to Place Classes
But we can help!

Midwives – Carrier options have certainly dwindled for this class of Allied Providers over the last 5  years. Premiums are much higher with fewer competitive options to choose from, and stand-alone coverage without supervision is harder to place.

Correctional Medicine – We’ve noticed this market hardening up substantially!  Fewer Carriers are writing it, and the few remaining are charging higher premiums and equally high deductibles.

Look out for more pieces on “Thing’s We’ve Noticed” to come, featuring recent success stories and other industry transitions and trends happening in this space, + more on what we are expanding to write.