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Vela Insurance Services

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At HPSI we notice a thing or two, and after over 25 years in business, we pick up quickly on who’s offering a great deal, and as always, want to share that knowledge with our trusted agents.

What have we noticed with Vela?

1) Medical Directorship coverage

You may have a more than a few options for this coverage, but did you know that Vela is very competitive on this risk?

  • Average premium ranges between $2,000 and $3,500.
  • Includes both Admin and Collaborative (indirect patient care) coverage

2) Expert Witness Coverage

An interesting fact! Expert witness coverage is not covered by a regular malpractice policy due to the financial loss exposure of this risk. For example, an expert witness can be sued for negligence for an alleged error made which ended up causing a financial loss for the attorney’s client due to an adverse court verdict.  For this exact reason, your client’s malpractice policy may not be sufficient.

  • Average premium runs around $2,500, $1M limits

(Dependent on the frequency of testimony provided)

Does your Insured plan to be an expert witness in a case? Vela Underwriters are experienced and well versed to provide the coverage your client may need!

Keeping our Agents informed is just one of the many great services we provide here at HPSI. We keep up with the trends, so that you in turn can keep your clients happy and satisfied with their coverage and price!

Contact your favorite HPSI Producer today to get a competitive quote! Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk.