Have You Heard about Hartford’s New Cyber Solution Approach?

Hartford’s Cyber Solution

All about that Cyber!

Been hearing a lot about Cyber these days, and with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know which cyber solution is the best option for your client. Recent data shows how vulnerable and costly a cyber breach can be, however so many businesses opt out or get coverage for the bare minimum. Why?  Insurance Journal reports mistrust of pricing and lack of clarity as the main concerns.

Hartford has achieved a cyber solution and your Insured need not worry about lack of clarity, rather some may find they have too much information at their disposal! They call it their holistic approach to self-defense with benefits. Hartford’s goal is not only to provide coverage, but help and incentivize businesses to prevent and safeguard themselves against cyber threats.

Here is just a brief description of what cyber solutions Hartford has to offer:

  • CyberChoice First Responders – Breach response team experienced to get your client through a crisis
  • Customer – focused claim service – dedicated cyber claim team to ensure responsiveness when your client is in crisis
  • Hartford’s Cyber Center – Resources for risk control, including access to an online portal for tools and security information and what to do in case of a breach
  • Cyber Security Services – access to professionals that help improve an insured’s cyber-security before an incident happens.
  • Competitive & Flexible Coverage – let’s not forget this one! A full suite of 1st and 3rd party coverages that provide protection from sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, cyber extortion and ransom-ware, business interruption & more.

No organization is immune from a data breach. A study done over the last five years found that criminal attacks in the industry are up by 125% and 91% of healthcare organizations, regardless of size, have had at least one PHI (Protected Health Information) breach. Keep your clients in the know, and help us help your clients mitigate their data and privacy risks and provide them with coverage against this vastly growing threat.

Is your client interested in stand-alone cyber?  Contact an HPSI Producer today or call us at 678-935-5040. Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk.