Hartford’s Insurance Coverage for Deception Fraud

Deception Fraud -the 101 on the latest Business Crime

Endorsement Available through Hartford…

Deception Fraud is more common than you think – everyday unsuspecting employees are misled into providing confidential information, W-2 data or sending money to imposters posing as a CEO, legitimate client or vendor, each demanding urgent funds or financial information.  Employees are deceived, either through e-mail, phone, mail, messaging or text, and other such “phishing” mechanisms into divulging information that can have devastating consequences on a business.

It happens to companies of all sizes. Recent data indicates that attacks on businesses have risen 91% over the last few years and with over 100,000 deception fraud attacks each day, coverage is needed now more than ever.

How can your Insured defend their business?

  • Validating requests for information
  • Maintaining a formal wire transfer process
  • Being wary of unsolicited e-mails
  • Limiting access to sensitive information
  • Encouraging use of instincts and proceeding with caution
  • Training employees and stay informed!

Bottom line: If the message conveys a sense of urgency, uses intimidation, and refuses to provide valid contact information, proceed cautiously!

We have a few Carriers who can protect your Insured, however today’s highlight focuses most notably on Hartford.  Deception Fraud coverage is available by endorsement through their Management Liability Policies:  D&O, EPL, Fiduciary Liability, Kidnap and Ransom, and Crime.

Their appetite includes:

| Outpatient healthcare organizations: Offices of MDs, Dentists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, etc.  | HospitalsLong Term Care Facilities: Skilled Nursing Care, Intermediate Care, and Nursing & Personal Care Facilities | Non-Medical : Technology Companies, Contractors, & more.

Keep your Client apprised of potential security flaws or lack of coverage to help them mitigate damage and run their practice successfully.

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