Miscellaneous E&O from Markel

Companies that perform professional services for others can make mistakes – misrepresenting or misstating a fact, forgetting to do something, overlooking critical information, failing to provide timely service, etc. and as a result can face a suit that in today’s escalation of court settlements can ruin a business entirely.

Insurance protection is the easiest solution, and Markel is here to offer coverage starting as low as $750 in premium, while offering a range of limits from $1,000,000 to a maximum of 10M in limits. Markel’s growth in this sector is up by 34%  They are the 5th largest excess and surplus lines insurer, and are dedicated in their pursuit of knowing a customer’s needs and providing them with quality products and service. It is no wonder Markel excels at delivering customized and unique insurance solutions!


Coverage Highlights:

  • Admitted and Non-Admitted capabilities
  • Negligence arising out of professional services, including personal injury
  • Broadened definition of Insured to include independent contractors and spouses
  • Supplementary payments
  • Deductible credit available
  • General Liability – claims made

Target Classes

  • Medical Support – billing/coding services, research, records transcription
  • Consultants
  • Inspectors (home, insurance, safety)
  • Property Services
  • Legal Services
  • Scientific Services – R&D, testing labs
  • Office Support Services
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • & Others!

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