Have you heard of PSIC?

New Market for HPSI

We are always upping the game here and looking for better ways to serve our clients! We bring you our latest new Market: Professional Security Insurance Company (PSIC), a wholly owned subsidiary of MagMutual Insurance Company.

What makes them different? They offer a good coverage form to gray area physicians. Their industry-leading standard policy has a clear explanation of the company’s and insured’s respective responsibilities, and no hidden sections or conditions. Insureds also receive financial strength, flexible coverage and access to their wholly-owned Patient Safety Institute which assists insureds in practicing safer medicine.

Coverage is available for Physicians, Hospitals & Locum Tenens staffing groups.

Policy Coverage Features:

  • Incident Sensitive
  • Defense Outside
  • Full Prior Acts coverage available
  • Full Consent to Settle
  • Medical Director Coverage for Admin Duties
  • Unlimited Tail Available
  • Rolling IBNR
  • Death, Disability & Retirement Benefits

Please contact one of our Agents for more information on PSIC’s territories & to submit your client!