E&O Coverage for Consultants

More and more companies have been requiring consultants who work as independent contractors to carry their own liability insurance when working on a project with them.

We ask : How Real is the Risk?


Your client’s risk isn’t based on the likelihood of them losing a lawsuit but rather that of a suit being brought against them.  This coverage protects the Named Insured in the event their client claims they suffered a financial loss or interruption of services, or that the insured failed in their “duty of care.”

What falls under this type of coverage?? – Verification mistakes, ill advisement, documentation errors or data entry errors, failing to protect a clients’ property or data, breach of contract, misuse of data, violation of legal or state laws, etc.

Simply having a GL Policy or Professional Liability
Policy will not always cover these types of losses in consulting work.

The risks are largely dependent on specialty & business sector. For some professionals it’s easy to look at these examples and downplay the risk. However, even if the claim is meritless, coverage in place will ensure your client incurs no out of pocket costs in defending their business. Simply having E&O tells their clients that your Insured is dedicated, responsible, and assures them that they are financially protected if the Insured’s business causes them a loss.

HPSI has access to Carriers that can provide coverage for Bodily Injury (BI) or any financial loss related liability.

Premium for this Coverage begin at $950

What can be covered?

Medical Directors, Locum Tenens,
Lawyers, Architects
Real Estate, Management
Consultants, IT Technology Consulting
& More!

Simple Submission Requirements:

E&O Application,
Narrative on the Consulting Duties or CV
Copy of Contract (if available)