New Markets for Stand Alone Tails

Stand-Alone Tail Policies
Stand-Alone Tail Policies
For Individuals or Large Institutions.

With increasingly mobile careers, physicians and groups need an affordable tail policy to cover past exposure.   Stand Alone Tail Coverages are not as painful as you may think, and can be cheaper than the ERP pricing your Insured can get from their existing carrier.  Let HPSI market your account!  We now have a Carrier in the “A” Rated market that will allow financing of the tail for up to 6 months. Stand Alone Tails may be just the way to go. Gone are the days of traditional tail pricing and limited options. HPSI has the “A” Rated Carriers to offer this product and the experience to get the terms and pricing your client needs.


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Tail Options for Individual Physicians, Groups, Allieds and Large Institutions
  • 6 Month Financing
  • 48 Hour Turn-Around Time on Simple Risks
  • Available in 47 States Including DC 
Getting a Quote or Indication – What We Need From You:
  • Full Policy, Current Tail Offer
  • Current Loss Runs & Terms
  • Limits Requested
Did you know? HPSI can market your non-medical related E&O Stand Alone Tails!

New at HPSI – Casualty & Property

We are Expanding into Casualty & Property!


HPSI is Expanding their Lines

 HPSI is officially announcing the expansion of our facilities to include casualty and property brokerage for all types of risks! This includes both medical & non-medical.


John Malejko, a long time veteran of the surplus lines industry, has joined our team of experienced insurance professionals, and boy are we lucky to have him!  

John has spent most of his insurance career as both an underwriting manager for several insurance companies, as well as a successful surplus lines broker. He brings an enormous amount of expertise to the table, and has a knack for crafting creative solutions for complex problems that are often experienced by even the best of risks.


In addition to the Healthcare related business that we have always placed, our Casualty Markets also include the following types of accounts:

Doctors’ Offices
Medical Facilities
Retail Stores
Shopping Centers
Apartments, Condominiums and Dwellings
Commercial/Apartment/industrial/Infrastructure General Contractors
Artisan Contractors, both residential & commercial
Product Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers and Repackaging risks