Preferred Or Not-So Preferred, HPSI Has A Coverage Solution With The James River Elite Provider Form

There are plenty of reasons why physicians and providers find their way to the E&S Specialty market. Some physicians happen to engage in high-risk practices, though not all can be categorized as troubled accounts. While they may in fact be standard market risks, for one reason or another, those Insureds are unable to obtain coverage in the standard market.

For these more preferred accounts, the James River Elite Provider™ product is a broadened policy form.

Eligible Providers

  • • Board Certified Medical Doctors
  • • Dentists including Orthodontists, Periodontics and Oral Surgeons
  • • Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (Board Certified for surgical specialists)

Coverage Features

  • • $1 million per claim / $3 million aggregate (or applicable cap limits in VA)
  • • Claims & Defense Expenses outside of policy limits – included
  • • Incident-sensitive claims-made trigger – included
  • • Damages-only deductible – included
  • • Consent-To-Settle (with Hammer Clause) – included
  • • Prior Acts – available
  • • Entity Coverage (shared limits) – available
  • • Employee Coverage (shared limits) – available
  • • Extended Reporting Endorsement available for up to 36 months
  • • Standard Deductible of $2,500 provided; lower or $0 Deductible options available on some risks
Preferred or not-so Preferred, HPSI and James River have a coverage solution! What can we help you write today? 
Contact us directly to be provided with the new James River Elite Provider™ application.