The Starstone Advantage – Excess on Allieds & Senior Care

Starstone Excess

Starstone’s Excess Product on Allieds & Senior Care

Starstone Specialty Insurance Company (formerly Torus), highlights their recent Excess Limits product for surplus lines accounts. Starstone has been upping their game and are boasting very quick turn-around times, flexibility and competitive pricing, and with coverage in all 50 states, it’s easier than ever!

Part of the Enstar Group –  with their “A – ” (Excellent) rating by A.M Best, you can be rest-assured they have the backing and financial stability to provide tailored coverage  options to all their small and middle-market clients. Starstone’s claims philosophy is similarly on-point and consists of fighting for an early resolution when possible, and being transparent in their customer focused service to minimize a client’s service disruption in an event of a claim.

Who is Eligible?

For Allieds:

  • Home Health Care
  • Healthcare Staffing Firms
  • Substance Abuse Facilities & Behavioral Health
  • Urgent Care & Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Rehab Facilities
  • * And more!

For Senior Care:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Supplemental Exposure – including Home Health visits & Adult Day Care Participants


Product Highlights

For Allieds:

  • Premiums start at $3K (for $1M limits)
  • Claims Made Form
  • Limits up to $5M

For Senior Care:

  • Limits up to $5M
  • Follow form XS or High Excess
  • Up to 5 facilities or 500 beds


What to Submit?

  • Current loss runs for PL (Professional Liability), GL (General Liability) and AL (Auto-Liability) as needed
  • Underlying Binders and Policies
  • Underlying Quotes for PL, GL and AL when available


P.S. Excess is also available for individual physicians or group practices too. Underlying coverages on GL, AL, Employers Liability and Sexual Misconduct are also available.

Don’t see the class or info you need listed? Find out more on this great product! Contact your favorite HPSI Producer today by e-mail or call us at 678-935-5040.  

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Exclusive MSO Insurance Product with Ironshore


HPSI is excited to announce a new Exclusive Ironshore Product on Managed Care (MSO) Liability Insurance

Healthcare consolidation represents both the greatest threat and greatest opportunity for healthcare insurance firms and those operating in that space. In the last few years, we’ve seen many retail agents losing market share as premiums continue to decline, small practices continue to merge or get acquired, and large systems take on more risk. Others are benefiting – seizing opportunities to grow with their clients and staying ahead of emerging risks.

Staying ahead is key, and to help our best partners thrive in the new era of value-based healthcare, HPSI is pleased to announce this new program with Ironshore! It’s designed to protect large medical practices and management service organizations (MSO’s) from a variety of risks, some of which may not properly be covered.
Read below, and for more information on policy highlights and coverage details please contact our resident expert, Brian Kern, J.D. for more information on this brand new product! Brian Kern can be reached at or by calling our office at 678-935-5040.

HPSI Ironshore MSO Product Marketing Flyer

Cannabis Insurance Coverage – from Kinsale

Cannabis Coverage

Kinsale’s Cannabis Appetite – Insure Your Cannabis Risk!

The word “Cannabis” (another name for Marijuana) has been floating around in the Insurance space for a few years now. Increasing changes in laws across several states that allow for legalization is on an upward trend. Some predict that by 2020 many states will have some form of legalized usage, and it will be a $21 Billion industry. With 2020 right around the corner (and with no idea where all that time has gone!), we think it’s prudent to give some information on Kinsale’s well-rounded Cannabis coverage product.

Federal law currently prohibits doctors from prescribing Cannabis, but they can recommend it, and weirdly enough some states require it. Suffice to say, the exposure of this risk is still in the exploratory phase as use and sale continues to expand. Evolving delivery methods can put clients at risk in new ways. Is a patient ordering it through your client’s App? Watch out for that telemedicine exposure! Kinsale is dedicated to keeping abreast of all these changes and more to adopt their coverage to match your client’s needs.

Insurance Coverage Available for Property, Casualty & Specialty Risks

Eligible Risks:

  • Dispensaries, Retail outlets, & Ancillary products
  • Processors & Laboratories
  • Medical, Food, Drink Supplemental Manufacturers.
  • Biotech Companies in Pain Management
  • Clinical Trials & Product Liability
  • Cannabis Hospitality Business (Bakeries/Café’s/Conventions)
  • Security Firms serving Cannabis businesses
  • Medical Marijuana Evaluation Clinics & Individual Practitioners Providing Evaluations

Coverage Features:

  • Property Primary – $5M to $10M/ Excess – Limits up to $15M
  • Property Ground Up – Limits up to $15M
  • Casualty – Occurrence and Claims-Made, Minimum premium starts at $2,500, Defense Inside
  • Specialty – Allied Health Premiums start at $3,500, Claims-Made
  • Specialty – D&O, EPL, shared or separate limited, Premiums start at $15K
  • Specialty – Professional Liability, premiums and deductible start at $5K

Underwriting Details:

  • Can do carve outs for physicians doing marijuana on the side – minimum premium starts at $2,500
  • Financial liability coverage is available (dependent on state’s law)
  • Product Recall Coverage – can provide a small sub-limit depending on the risk
  • Environment Impairment Liability – can provide site coverage
  • No package deals (aka Property would be a separate quote than Professional Liability)

What is NOT Covered:

  • States where there is no legalization in place
  • No Crop coverage! Inventory must be off the plant
  • No Crime form
  • Coverage excludes willful violation of the law
  • No Hedge funds or Venture Capital funds (but exceptions may be considered)

Kinsale has made it their mission to know the ins and outs of the Cannabis laws in each state. Maybe you already have a client that has some of this exposure, or perhaps you are just tapping in to this new market!  Either way, HPSI can help you find the coverage your client needs.

Contact one of your trusted HPSI Producers for a quote today! Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk. Call us today at 678-935-5040.

Hartford Insurance Company’s BOP & Cyber Bundle

Hartford BOP

We’ve come with information from out latest Q&A session with Hartford on their BOP product coverage!

A BOP policy, or a Business Owner’s Policy, essentially combines business liability insurance with business property into one convenient package. Many Carriers offer coverage for this class of risk, so we’ve put together a little cheat sheet of what Hartford does differently to compete in today’s fast moving market.

What does a policy with Hartford bring?

  1. Broad Coverage Form

Which translates to a lesser need for Endorsements! How does this work?

This means that ancillaries and extra coverage options that clients always tack on after binding, are already included in Hartford’s broad coverage form – saving you time and your client money down the road! Let’s be honest here, BOP policies are not the heftiest of accounts, so a hassle free policy with great coverage can save more than a few stones.

2. Competitive Pricing for their Broad Coverage

3. Quick turn-around time with their user friendly Online Quoting System

4. New ! Robust Cyber Bundle

Ability to customize the cyber coverage to fit your client’s needs. Need just data breach protection? 1st & 3rd party options? Done! As part of their bundle,  you can get a host of different coverage options.

And don’t forget that you can enhance your BOP policy if you need data breach protection for up to $500K limits on 1st Party coverage, and $1M limits on 3rd Party!

Is your Client not sure what Cyber they need? Hartford Underwriters and our team of Producers are experienced and well versed in procuring the coverage and customizing the policy for your client!

We could go on and on about Hartford’s A-rating, financial stability, and 200+ years of experience, but you’ve heard the spiel before. So let’s stop the talking and start the writing!

Contact our resident BOP guru, John Malejko@, your preferred producer, or call us at 678-935-5040 for a quote today.

Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk. 



CNA’s Southeast Appetite – Insurance for Aging Services Orgs

Aging Services

CNA’s Aging Services Insurance

As always, we keep our ears to the ground to get the latest news for our Agents. The latest from CNA we were surprised to learn is their Aging Services appetite!  Since the demands for the Aging Services market are expending, comprehensive coverage is needed by a company who understands this particular market fully and extends its coverage options to fully accommodate the risk factors.

Well the good news is that not only does CNA understand it, (based on their extensive claims analysis & research), they are actively seeking out those accounts!  They have pin-pointed what causes the most claims and are continually working with providers on promoting quality care and increasing safety standards.

CNA’s current Aging Services appetite is focused on expanding in the Southeast region – Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama & Tennessee.

Types of Risk they cover for Aging Services:

  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Life Planning Communities
  • Faith based organizations & Not-for-profit organizations
  • Stand-Alone Nursing Homes (less than 500 beds)
  • Home Health Care (that’s part of the facility)
  • Facilities in growth areas (rural, etc.)

Underwriting Details:

  • No Minimum Premiums set
  • Standard Limits ($1m/$3m or as needed)
  • $0 Deductible Options
  • Incident Sensitive, Defense Outside
  • Multi-line coverage to reduce any gaps (PL/GL/EBL)
  • Can add Auto & Property Coverage!
  • Umbrella & Excess available
  • Risk Consultants and Resident Fall Prevention programs
  • Occurrence coverage available in certain areas
  • Medical Directors covered (admin duties only)

Contact us to send in a submission! We have dedicated Producers & Production Staff that will work hard to get competitive quotes for your risk. Visit us at or call us at 678-935-5040.

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Things We’ve Noticed – News on Market Going-ons

What we have Noticed

Review on What We’ve Noticed in the Market Today.

As the end of summer is nigh and the 7/1 rush has now become the 9/1 rush, we want to take this time to update you on a few things we’ve noticed with certain classes.

At HPSI our Producers stay on top of market intelligence to help place your accounts faster and with the best company that has the price, service and coverage form to fit your client’s needs.

Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk.

Non-Physician Owned Clinics – This is a growing class of business, only limited by a particular state’s law.  Coverage is available for Allieds and as well as Physicians who supervise via chart review or as medical director in these situations. We have multiple Carriers willing to cover this risk!

Premium can start as low as $1,500 (for limited personnel)

Examples we see: Medspas, Anti-Aging, Weight loss, Urgent Care, Rehab, Physical Therapy, Walk-in, etc.

Available in most states.  Contact us to get a great quote!

Locum Tenens  –  Another class to look out for! Locums Staffing companies for Allieds and Physicians are on the rise. Providers are drawn to the flexibility this type of work offers and the need for staffing services has been steadily increasing within the medical sphere.

Hard to Place Classes
But we can help!

Midwives – Carrier options have certainly dwindled for this class of Allied Providers over the last 5  years. Premiums are much higher with fewer competitive options to choose from, and stand-alone coverage without supervision is harder to place.

Correctional Medicine – We’ve noticed this market hardening up substantially!  Fewer Carriers are writing it, and the few remaining are charging higher premiums and equally high deductibles.

Look out for more pieces on “Thing’s We’ve Noticed” to come, featuring recent success stories and other industry transitions and trends happening in this space, + more on what we are expanding to write.

Writing New Business – Access to Great American!

Great American Access

The New Business Hustle – Aiming to write more with Great American!

We are all hustling to write more new business. More new business this year is fodder for our renewals next year and hopefully the year after. Do you have year-end goals you need to meet? Well, we are in the same boat my friend, trying to stay afloat until high tide comes rolling back again.

At HPSI we are driven to evolve and offer new Products and Markets to fit the current needs of our clients, and maybe offer some that are not anticipated, but nevertheless needed just the same.

Here is where I bring you up to speed with our latest market, Great American. With Great American, we can write not just your E&S Property policies, but also your:

  • Social Service Agencies
  • Churches
  • Educational Institutions
  • Physical Fitness Centers
  • And more!

Great American writes the business policies of more than 200 classes of human and social service organizations in addition to the Property and Inland Marine coverage we normally go after. They have great coverage, and have been  “A” rated by A.M. Best for over 100 years and counting. You can trust your clients will be getting a great financially reliable Insurance Carrier with dedicated claims specialists to assist in their time of need.

P.S. And don’t forget! Writing more new business is always great for a healthier bottom line for everyone. What do you see what you need Markets for? Talk to us and let us know!

Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk.

And remember to send us those submissions! We write more than just med-mal nowadays and have dedicated staff with the know-how to place the coverage. Contact one of your favorite HPSI Producers today by e-mail or call us at 678-935-5040. What can we help you write today?

Vela Insurance Services – Charting the Course

Vela, charting the course

Vela Insurance Services

Tailored Insurance, Proven Financial Strength & Great Quotes!


At HPSI we notice a thing or two, and after over 25 years in business, we pick up quickly on who’s offering a great deal, and as always, want to share that knowledge with our trusted agents.

What have we noticed with Vela?

1) Medical Directorship coverage

You may have a more than a few options for this coverage, but did you know that Vela is very competitive on this risk?

  • Average premium ranges between $2,000 and $3,500.
  • Includes both Admin and Collaborative (indirect patient care) coverage

2) Expert Witness Coverage

An interesting fact! Expert witness coverage is not covered by a regular malpractice policy due to the financial loss exposure of this risk. For example, an expert witness can be sued for negligence for an alleged error made which ended up causing a financial loss for the attorney’s client due to an adverse court verdict.  For this exact reason, your client’s malpractice policy may not be sufficient.

  • Average premium runs around $2,500, $1M limits

(Dependent on the frequency of testimony provided)

Does your Insured plan to be an expert witness in a case? Vela Underwriters are experienced and well versed to provide the coverage your client may need!

Keeping our Agents informed is just one of the many great services we provide here at HPSI. We keep up with the trends, so that you in turn can keep your clients happy and satisfied with their coverage and price!

Contact your favorite HPSI Producer today to get a competitive quote! Trust HPSI to Navigate Your Risk.

Announcing DPLRRG as “A” Rated by Demotech


Need a Competitive Quote? DPLRRG can help!

I’m sure you’ve heard of DPLRRG or Doctor’s Professional Liability Risk Retention Group.  More than likely, you’ve come across their competitive pricing! Founded by doctors, and led by an experienced team of underwriters with years in the industry, they are an RRG who believe that in the world of liability coverage, flexibility & stability are keys to their success!

When it comes to RRGs, DPL manages to balance the scales by providing tailored coverage solutions, competitive pricing, and keeping their strong financial backing. Now with a rating of “A” Exceptional by Demotech, Inc., DPLRRG is set to take the market by storm.


Policy Coverage Features:
  • Claims Made coverage for individual Physicians, Groups, Captives, Associations & Allieds
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • Stand Alone Tail – 1 year to lifetime
  • DD&R available
  • Claims trigger – Claims asserted
  • ‘Locum Tenens’ Coverage – 30 days a year
  • Employee Coverage with Shared Limits
  • Administrative Actions Defense Coverage
  • Additional Coverages include: Data Recovery, Patient Notification & Credit Monitoring, Network Security & Privacy, Regulatory, and more!
Availability in 17 states, including AZ, TN, CA, NY, FL, GA, MI, NV, OH, TX & WA & more!

Contact the HPSI Team today to secure a quote for your Insureds! Call us at 678-935-5040 or e-mail your favorite HPSI Agent directly. & don’t forget to find us on LinkedIn!

By the way – what is a Risk Retention Group, or “RRG”?  
An RRG is a liability insurance company that is owned by the individual people it insures, also called “member-owners”. The NRRA puts it succinctly by explaining when an individual secures insurance from a Risk Retention Group they are also securing an ownership in that RRG. It functions as a captive insurance company for the primary purpose of assuming and spreading the liability exposures of its group members.  And due to its unique structure, an RRG has the added benefit of avoiding cumbersome multi-state licensing laws.