The previous broker for this dentist dropped the ball on the renewal. The agent had submitted the Application a month beforehand but it was never submitted out to the Markets. Our dedicated Agent was able to submit the Application, obtain multiple competitive quotes and bind coverage within 72 Hours. Our service doesn’t stop there! The effective date was backdated and...
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HPSI Success Story | Dentist from California

Two doctors decided to join forces and practice under one company name, but wanted a policy that covers both of them. Easy enough you say, right? It would have been if Entity Coverage was the deciding factor.  In this case however, both physicians had different states & locations they worked in and wanted no shared entity coverage. An unusual request,...
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HPSI Success Story | Pain Management Doctors from Washington State

Here at HPSI we navigate through all sorts of situations that can come up in a physician’s lifetime of practice. This doctor’s reputation preceded him, but not in the most favorable of ways. Faced with negative allegations all over the internet and having been non-renewed, the doctor was in serious need of coverage.  Other carriers caught word of the situation...
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HPSI Success Story | Pain Management & Neurology from Alabama

Recently we received notice that the insured was required to have Defense Costs outside the limits, which the current Carrier did not provide. The hospital as such gave only one week to resolve the issue. The Carrier could not provide this coverage mid-term, and Policy was not set to renew until December. Queue HPSI Agents frantically working their market contacts....
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HPSI Success Story | Cardiovascular Disease with Minor Surgery from Georgia

This chiropractor was severely late on their coverage. The agent had been desperately ill and the assistant found this 30 days after the expiration of the doctor’s effective date. Our HPSI Agents came to the rescue! We found coverage with an Admitted A++ Carrier and worked with them to back-date coverage and keep the doctor protected with no gaps. Crisis...
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HPSI Success Story | Chiropractor from California

This was a special situation indeed! This US based start-up consulting company needed coverage for providing 2nd opinions to Healthcare Providers in People’s Republic of China.  The major caveat that made this hard to place was the need for protection against claims arising in China. Our dedicated HPSI Agents shopped the market high and low until we worked out a...
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HPSI Success Story | US Oncology Consultants working with Chinese Healthcare Providers

Our HPSI Agents worked our Markets and came down from an exorbitant & inhospitable Renewal pricing on a high risk doctor to under $115K by working with the Underwriter and ultimately switching Carriers. The doctor was able to maintain their retro and high limits.
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Neurosurgeon from Missouri

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